Wondering what Christianity is all about?  You can start here - "Two ways to live."
or learn about the bible in 11 minutes

You could also go straight to the source, the Bible! The first chapter of Mark is a great place to start.


As part of the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) we have sisters groups at UQ, Griffith Gold Coast, Australia and the World!

Univeristy of Queensland
Griffith Gold Coast 

Griffith MT Gravatt and Nathan


Can't make any of our meetings? Why not try - Student Life!

There's also a group at the Griffith Conservatorium - Christians@Con!


Do you just want to find a Church to attend while you're in Brisbane? Here's a few:

Unichurch SouthSide
Clayfield Presbyterian Church
Mitchelton Presbyterian Church
St Andrews
Village Church KG