Freedom. The ability to live without limits, without constraints. Everyone wants it. But freedom only works when its not trying to defy reality. A skydiver will be free without a parachute, but not for long. Who really needs the freedom to self destruct? Jesus offered a better path to freedom. He said, "the truth will set you free". At QUT Christians we aim to teach that truth and live that freedom. If you're not a Christian, why not come to a Bible talk and find out why only truth can set us free? If you are a Christian, join us as we learn and live the freedom Jesus promises. Being part of QUT Christians will give you an opportunity to:

  • Better understand God's word, the Bible, through public talks and small group studies. This will help you deepen your relationship with God and be more confident about what you believe.

  • Make friends with other Christians and encourage each other.

  • Be challenged to live out your faith and share it with others.

For details on Bible Studies and other events please follow the relevant links in the menu.

Otherwise come to our Uni Bible Talks during the uni semester, on Thursdays @ KG 3-4pm Meet at A block lawn then hang around for food and fellowship.

and fridays @ GP 12pm; Meet us around 11:30am at Artisans Cafe then hang around for lunch, fellowship and sport.